MEPCO Bill Installments

This detailed article will guide you everything about Latest MEPCO Bill Installments Procedure 2024. As the increasing electricity prices and added taxes on energy bills have placed a significant financial burden on consumers. In such challenging circumstances, paying your monthly electricity bill can be very difficult. Fortunately, MEPCO has introduced a policy that allows customers to pay their monthly electric bills in manageable and easy installments. However, there are specific rules and policies you need to adhere to in order to avail of this option.

Rules and Policies for MEPCO Bill Installments

Before submitting your request for MEPCO Bill Installment facility, it is very important to understand and adhere to certain rules and policies. Please carefully read the following guidelines:

  • MEPCO Bill Installments policy is not applicable to existing bills; it is only for settling pending dues as per the policy of the Multan Electric Power Company.
  • This facility is offered to genuine and deserving consumers with no history of defaulting in the past six months.
  • This option cannot be used for the current month’s energy bill.
  • Upon approval of the installment plan, the consumer must pay both the due amounts for each month and the most recent billing amount.
  • If a customer struggles to pay the monthly power bill and installments concurrently, they may not be eligible for additional installments.
  • The customer might be required to pay interest based on the current bank rate.

MEPCO Bill Installments Plan & Installment Powers

MEPCO has established specific thresholds for consumers to request an installment plan, which are:

  • If the outstanding dues or arrears reach Rs. 5000 for a General Service Connection, the Sub-Divisional Officer (SDO) has the authority to split it into 3 equal installments for the customer’s convenience.
  • If outstanding dues or arrears exceed Rs. 50,000, the Executive Engineer (XEN), can divide the outstanding amount into 3 equal installments.
  • If the outstanding dues or arrears exceed Rs. 100,000, the Superintending Engineer (SE) may choose to divide the amount into 4 installments.
  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO) can split the arrears of Rs. 500,000 into 6 equal monthly installments.

This approach ensures customer satisfaction and ensures the smooth operation of the organization.

Outstanding DuesMEPCO Official
PKR 50,000XEN
PKR 100,000SE
PKR 500,000CEO
MEPCO Bill Installments Plan

Installment, extension of due date of payment of bill and suspension of recovery of disputed bill:

Nature of PowerCEOCE/CSDManager Com./OperationDy: M (Op)AMO/AMCS
Installment of running connectionFull PowersRs 1.0 Million of 12 equal installmentsRs.2,00,000 for 4 installmentsRs.25,000 for 3 installmentsRs.10,000 for 3 installments 
Installment of Disconnected connectionFull PowersRs 1.0 Million max. 6 equal Monthly Rs.5,00,000 for 3 installmentsRs.100,000 for 3 installmentsRs.20,000 for 3 installments
Extension in due dateFull power up to 10 daysRs 0.5 Million for max. 5 daysRs.2,00,000 for 5 daysRs.25,000 for 3 days Rs.1,00,000 for 1 monthRs.10,000 for 3 days
Suspension of recovery of Running connectionFull Powers For maximum period of 60 days for bill up to 1 million Rs.50,0,000 for 1 monthRs.1,00,000 for 1 monthRs.5,000 for 1 month
MEPCO Bill Installments Powers – MEPCO

How to Apply for MEPCO Bill Installments?

As mentioned above, it is important to note that the installment plan is not applicable to the current month’s electricity bill but is designed for clearing the arrears of electric dues. Let’s explore how you can avail the MEPCO Bill Installment facility, so if you want to pay your MEPCO Bill in installments, follow the following steps of:

How to Apply for MEPCO Bill Installments?

Step 1

Based on the total amount of your mepco bill arrears, reach out to the right official mepco official who has the authority to approve your installment plan.

Step 2

Now write a formal application to the mepco official who can approve your installment plan. Make sure to include your name, CNIC Number, reference number (mentioned on your bill), and the reason of requesting installments. Also, mention how many installments you can afford to pay each month.

Step 3

Once you apply, the relevant mepco authority will review your application and verify your information. They will notify you of whether your application is accepted or rejected, considering your past bill payment history and the current outstanding dues.

Step 4

If your application is accepted, the company will provide an agreement form outlining the terms, including the number of installments and due dates. Mepco also assures the consumer that no additional installments will be requested within the agreed-upon due time of bill clearance.

How to Pay MEPCO Bill Installments?

After your bill payment installment request is approved, it’s important to remember due dates for both your current month’s bill and the installment payments. To avoid late payment surcharges, consumers should take proactive measures. Setting up a reminder on your mobile phone or using a bank app for bill payment are simple but very effective ways. This ensures you receive timely bill payment reminders via mobile notification, sms or email. Also check mepco bill payment to read more about payment methods of paying your mepco bill. Let’s check the ways in which you can pay installments of your bill:

Pay MEPCO Bill Installments via Banks

Paying the bill installments through banks is a secure and reliable process. You can pay your installments as well as bill dues by visiting your nearest bank branches or online via their official apps. MEPCO consumers can pay their installments via the following banks:

Pay MEPCO Bill Installments via Microfinance Banks

For the utmost convenience of paying your monthly installments and billing dues from the comfort of your home, consider using the Easypaisa and JazzCash mobile applications. These reliable and secure applications which enable you to pay your bills with just a few clicks on your smartphone.

Pay MEPCO Bill Installments via Nadra e-Sahulat

Nadra e-Sahulat offers a convenient and reliable way to pay your monthly bills from anywhere and anytime. You can pay your mepco bill installments or current month’s mepco bill via Nadra e-Sahulat. After clearing the dues, you will also receive a payment receipt via Email or SMS.


The process of requesting an installment plan of the bill is very easy. You just have to approach relevant official and write an application to apply for mepco bill installments. Your installment plan will be according to your monthly dues and arrears, and you can pay the installments via Banks, Microfinance Banks, Nadra e-Sahulat.

If you are not receiving sms notifications regarding your mepco bill and bill payment, or if your number is inactive and you want to update it, please check Procedure Of Changing MEPCO Connection Name / Tariff / Load or you can report it to mepco via mepco helpline.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are a some common questions and confusions about MEPCO Bill Installments, so we’ve answered all of them.

How to Apply for MEPCO Bill Installments?

To apply for MEPCO Bill Installments, approach the relevant official according to your arrears as mentioned in the table above and submit a written application to them.

Can I apply for MEPCO Bill Installments Online?

Nope, currently the only option is to visit the relevant mepco official in-person and submit a written application to them.

How to Pay MEPCO Bill Installments?

You can pay your MEPCO Bill Installments via Banks, Microfinance Banks (Easypaisa / JazzCash etc.), and via Nadra e-Sahulat.

Can I pay my MEPCO Bill Installments through mobile apps?

Yes, you can pay MEPCO Bill Installments Online via different banking applications.

How to avoid late payment surcharges on MEPCO Bills?

To avoid late payment surcharges, simply use mobile reminders or banking applications which will send you notifications and reminders regarding the bill payment and the due date of the bill.