MEPCO MIS Online 2024

MEPCO, the Multan Electric Power Company, is dedicated to providing efficient and reliable electricity utility services to its consumers. At the heart of its operations is the MEPCO MIS, a perfectly organized information network that keeps comprehensive records of all consumers. MEPCO MIS not only facilitates consumer queries but also plays a crucial role in identifying any defaulters or individuals with pending charges history.

Operated exclusively by MEPCO’s highly skilled staff, including administrative teams and line managers, the MEPCO MIS system serves as a powerful tool in managing and analyzing consumer data. It ensures the smooth functioning of electricity utility services and contributes to maintaining a transparent and accountable system.

For the convenience of MEPCO authorized users, the MEPCO MIS system extends its services through a web-based portal. This portal allows users to access various details, including their MEPCO Bill and other relevant information. By logging in with unique credentials, consumers can effortlessly stay connected with MEPCO services.

MEPCO MIS Online System

MEPCO MIS Online stands as a practical and robust web-based portal designed for the ease of consumers. The Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO) serves over 13 million Pakistanis, providing electricity to illuminate their homes across 13 districts in South Punjab. Established as a public limited company, MEPCO ensures the efficient delivery of its services.

The Online MEPCO MIS system was introduced in 2016 in response to the increasing demand for customer management. Recognizing the need for an organized approach, MEPCO launched MIS MEPCO to effectively store customer details and streamline the viewing and management of their routine issues.

This comprehensive system encompasses various aspects, including complaint details, court histories, pending recovery information, complaints, new applications, billing corrections, and more. After years of refinement, as of 2023, MEPCO has developed a comprehensive, effective, and well-managed system. This advancement aims to simplify processes and spare individuals from navigating complex challenges in accessing essential services.

How to Access MEPCO MIS Online?

If you want to access the MEPCO MIS Online web portal and dive into details about your mepco bill history, consumed units, mepco bill calculator, or any other information that piques your interest, simply follow the following steps of:

How to Access MEPCO MIS Online?

Step 1

Visit the official MEPCO website.

Step 2

Look for the “Employee Corner” option in the menu bar.

Step 3

Click on the “MIS System” within the Employee Corner.

Step 4

This will redirect you to the MEPCO MIS system.

Step 5

Now, enter your assigned username and password to securely access MEPCO MIS Online.

These steps ensure a smooth and secure access into the MEPCO MIS Online System, where you can explore various features and information related to your mepco bill usage and services. You can also directly type “MIS MEPCO” in the Google Search Bar or use the website link Please note that direct access to this portal is limited to MEPCO employees.

How MEPCO MIS Online Works?

The MEPCO MIS Online system is highly efficient, allowing customer care to promptly assist consumers. This service is accessible 24/7, ensuring there are no delays in addressing the needs of valued customers.

The functionality of the MEPCO MIS Portal is simple. Authorized employees with access to the MEPCO MIS system manage customer data organizationally. The administrative team is responsible for maintaining and upgrading the system to minimize the risk of information misuse.

With this system, customer care can easily reach out to customers facing queries or issues related to electricity and resolve them within 24 hours. It’s as accessible as an open door, providing customers with an easy way to check their account history.

Features of MEPCO MIS

The MEPCO MIS system offers several key features, providing a clear understanding of its capabilities. Those with authentic web portal access can utilize these details to address consumer concerns very effectively.

Billing Details

Access detailed information about the billing history.

Account Information

View and manage the account details conveniently.

Complaint Management System

Lodge and track complaints efficiently.

MEPCO Web-Portal Access

Utilize the MEPCO Web Portal for various services.

Online Payments

Make secure online payments through the system.

24/7 Services

Access the services round the clock, ensuring constant support.

As a consumer, these services are designed to be as effective as a powerful tool, bringing convenience to your doorstep through the Online MIS MEPCO system.


MIS Portal is a major feature of the MEPCO APP, serving as the icing on the cake. This mobile application proves to be the most convenient way for customers to handle various tasks, such as paying online bills, checking billing history, utilizing the complaint management system, and resolving queries effortlessly.

The MEPCO App streamlines the management of connections, providing users with a time-saving solution. Users can swiftly pay their bills using this app, preventing the stress associated with electricity disconnection due to unpaid or delayed bills. It’s a user-friendly app that enhances the overall experience with MEPCO Services.


MEPCO MIS stands out as a well organized and efficient information system network that significantly enhances the overall experience for both the company and its consumers. This comprehensive system serves as a secure repository for all MEPCO user data and credentials, effectively protecting the company against any fraudulent consumer activities.

MEPCO administration, along with line managers, has authorized access to the system, enabling them to promptly address consumer issues. For customers, the MIS proves to be a valuable tool, allowing easy access to account details, bill payments, complaint registrations, and other features. This can be conveniently done through the MEPCO Website or by utilizing the MEPCO App, ensuring a seamless interaction with MEPCO Services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are a some common questions and confusions about MEPCO MIS, so we’ve answered all of them.

What is MEPCO MIS?

MEPCO MIS stands for Multan Electric Power Company Management Information System. It is an organized information network designed to manage and streamline customer data and services.

How can I access the MEPCO MIS portal?

Authorized MEPCO employees can access the MIS portal through the official website by selecting the “Employee Corner” from the menu bar and clicking on the “MIS System”.

What services are available through the MEPCO MIS Online system?

The MIS system provides services such as billing details, account information, complaint management, online payments, and 24/7 customer support.

Can customers access the MEPCO MIS Online system?

No, the MIS system is primarily designed for MEPCO employees to manage customer data and services. Customers can interact with the system through the MEPCO website or mobile app.

How does MEPCO MIS contribute to customer care?

The efficient MIS system enables quick access to consumer data, allowing customer care to assist consumers promptly and provide 24/7 services.

What information can I check using the MEPCO MIS portal?

Customers can check billing details, account information, and utilize the complaint management system to address any issues.

How secure is the MEPCO MIS system?

The MIS system is secure, safeguarding consumer data and credentials. MEPCO administration ensures the system’s integrity through regular maintenance and upgrades.