Consumer’s Safety Guidelines By MEPCO

In our lives today, we rely heavily on electricity. However, if we are not careful in its use, electricity can pose risks to us. A small mistake can lead to a tragic incident. It is crucial to pay attention to safety measures to prevent any unfortunate events. Therefore, please follow to the following guidelines provided by MEPCO:

  • If you spot a power line on the ground, immediately report it to the mepco helpline or nearest complaint center.
  • Avoid using power cables for hanging clothes.
  • Refrain from tying animals to electricity poles.
  • Always use high-quality cables for wiring.
  • Use a three-pin plug for all types of electrical appliances.
  • Promptly repair any exposed or naked wires.
  • In the unfortunate event of a person getting entangled with electricity, use a wooden rod to free them.
  • Never touch any electric appliance with wet hands or clothes to avoid accidents.

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